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Here is our market review for January 2014!

Things are starting to pick up but inventory is still very low! If you are looking to sell in the near future NOW is a great time to get your house on the market.


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Family Favorite Food Friday! Aunt Patsy's Coconut Cake!


Family Favorite

Food Friday!

Whew that's a lot of F's but here is another one of our Family's Favorite desserts that has been made for YEARS and YEARS!


Here are written directions to copy and paste if you would like to print the recipe out.

Aunt Patsy's Coconut Cake

1 Ducan Hines Yellow Cake Mix
16oz container of cool whip
16oz container of sour cream
1 cup sugar
14oz package of sweetened coconut
2 cans of crushed pineapple
(in syrup)

Cook cake as directed other than using milk instead of water. Make in 2, 8 or 9 inch cake rounds. Set cakes aside to cool.

Frosting should be made the day before but is not necessary. Combine cool whip, sour cream, sugar, coconut (desired amount), 1 can of drained crushed pineapple (reserve juice). Place frosting in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours to ensure the sugar will dissolve otherwise the sugar will be grainy in the frosting. Put the other can of pineapple in the refrigerator as well.

After cakes have cooled place first layer on cake plate. Take reserved pineapple juice and pour 4-6 tablespoons to soak into the cake. Take roughly a half cup of refrigerated pineapple with the juice and evenly spread over the first layer. Then spread a thick layer of the frosting roughly an inch thick. Repeat on the second layer and use remaining frosting to cover the rest of the cake. You may have left over frosting.

This cake tastes best if the whole cake is made the day before you plan to serve it to ensure the cake is moist and all the flavors have had a chance to meld together. This cake was originally made with a homemade yellow cake.

Top 3 Must Have FREE Apps For Homebuyers


Top 3 Must Have

FREE Apps For Homebuyers

The new age of apps has reached such an amazing level of technology. You can now try out furniture in your home, check your credit, find out how much your mortgage would be, pick paint colors and search for your dream home with a simple download!



Here are our Top 3!



  When you’re looking for a new home easy to use and current information is so important. With this app get there fast and find it first with the user friendly, top-rated® real estate app for homes on the market. This is the only app to get real estate listings sourced directly from over 800 MLS’s-90% of listings refreshed every 15 minutes.


For iphone:

For android:



Helping find out what your mortgage payment would be on a $150,000 home is not as easy as one would think when considering all the different factors that go into figuring a home mortgage. With the help of a mortgage calculator it will help you figure out a “reasonable” estimate to what you would be paying. Our favorites are for android users “Karls Mortgage Calculator” and for iphone users “Mortgage Calculator FREE”. These are perfect to have on hand while your surfing the internet and finding that perfect place you want to call home.


For iphone:

For andriod:



When buying a home getting financing is the number one thing you need to be working on. With this free app you can keep track of your credit and monitor anything that might be incorrect on your credit. Credit karma is totally free and has a very simple interface. Unlike a lot of other credit score companies that charge you a fee credit karma is advertising based and does not require any type of credit card information!

For iphone

For android


What are you favorite apps for real estate?

Do you prefer apps or regular internet searches?


All images and logos do no belong to Julie Clark Real Estate.  Images belong to featured companies and Julie Clark Real Estate has no ownership of these images. Screen shots are from andriod market and belong to these companies. And therefore Julie Clark Real Estate Fully credits and takes no form of licensing to these images.


Here is the central Iowa

market in review for 2013!


What do you think the market will be like this year?  Do you plan on buying or selling?

NOW is the time to be planning and thinking about what you are going to be doing!  Planning is key when buying or selling having financing is place or having your home ready to go on the market at the right time is so important.

BUYERS:  NOW is the time to be meeting with your mortgage lenders to find out if you have any issues with your credit that need to be resolved, to know how much you can afford and the all important PRE- APPROVAL letter!

SELLERS:  NOW is the time to be meeting with a qualified REALTOR to find out what you need to be doing to get your home ready to go on the market, when the right time to list and they can give you a CMA (comparable market analysis) to find out what your home should be listed at!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call Julie any time! Be sure to check back for our monthly maket snapshots.

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